man with car key outsideI bought my first car from my parents. It had lots of miles and no frills — not even air conditioning — but the price was perfect for me and they have sold it to me at a cheaper rate enough that I could pay cash. My second car, though, was a gray Mustang convertible I founding the classifieds. For that one, I had to get a car loan, so I moved on to my local bank. At that moment I didn’t really have a clue for what I was doing, but they walked me through the whole process.Click On: Refinance auto loan with bad credit

Step One: Check Your Credit

 Your credit score will play the major role in the rate in which you’ll pay for your loan. While that will surely sound an important need to someone who has applied for these types of loans in the past too, if you are one of those first time car buyers then you might not realize the importance for your credit score when it comes to getting a loan for your needs. A higher credit score will help you getting a lower car loan rate, which in turn saves you money on the large interests.

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car-keys-and-several-sports-carsStep Two: Pick Your Payment

Your job now in his step is to find out the amount which you can actually afford to spend each and every month on a car payment without putting strains on your budget. Once you are aware of the amount then you can input it into a car loan calculator to find out the total amount you can afford to spend.

Step Three: Get Pre-Approved

469413You can search for the auto loan online and as well as through a local or regional bank or credit union. It is of no need to limit yourself to the financial institution where you do your banking, and it’s clearly fine to check up with other and few different sources. You want to see what kind of loan, and for what amount, they can offer.

Step Four: Choose Your Vehicle

Once you are pre-approved then you can do serious shopping for your vehicle. Once being pre approved the good thing is that you can focus your efforts on the negotiation of the best deal for the car or truck that you want to buy, rather than having to negotiate the financing as well.

Step Five: Finalization the Paperwork

Once the selection of the vehicle and negotiated the price in completed, the auto dealer’s financing department will coordinate with the lender to finalize the sale.

Step Six: Start Paying Your Car Loan

After the sale is finalized; you will be informed about the schedule of the payments for your loan. Most lenders will end a coupon book you can use for on how to access your account online and mailing in your payments.